Cimer) Paradise City Hotel! Cimer is here! – May(5) Visit, Photo Spot Recommendation


I went to Cimer, which was announced to be uploaded, and Cimer, which was finally resumed in May, faster than anyone else. Shall we take a look at the reviews on the visit? Today, I’m going to talk about the photo spots in particular. It is located in Yeongjongdo Island, Incheon, and you can arrive quickly by taking the airport railroad, going to Incheon International Airport, and taking a bus.

Take pictures outdoors at Paradise City Hotel!

Cimer is a para that boasts a great sense of spaceIt’s attached to the Iscity Hotel. So, before you go in, it’I took pictures going around Iscity Hotel. What do you think? Isn’t it perfect? Haha! It’s a para filled with not only these places but also teddy bears and various sculpturesIt was so nice to enjoy the pictures because it was an Is Hotel.

Cimer’s outdoor space, fantastic!

A spa space, the front of the spot, the plane is held on the rooftop.Hotspot that can take pictures with flightHow about outdoor swimming pool also can also take a great space and photographs?Shall we go together?

Inside, it’s not normal either. Perfect!

The inner swimming pool space is divided into floors. You can enjoy swimming and photography with different feelings. Can you see the great sense of space? Nice picture? You can do it, too! If you go to Sea Mer!

Inside theme space. It’s a good restaurant. successful.

If the outside space space and internal swimming pool space, it’s a special space here!Let’s take pictures on the background of the display.Various scenery such as scenery, such as scenery, scenery, and scenery in the sea, and scenery is the same space, but it feels like moving to another place.(I heard it’s too quiet and peacefully, only adults can enter a great picture.

If you’re wondering where to go in the hot summer, I highly recommend it. Make sure to get pictures from the pretty spots I introduced you to 🙂

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