Looking back on the past year(1) of exercise (Personal training)


exercise! It starts with a photo that’s been 400 days since it started properly. That’s cool! Yongsa! Never, let’s start reading it by referring to the fact that it is not a recommendation for gyms and PT teachers, but is simply an experience of Yongsa. First workout, how should I start? The majority of people are troubled. Should I get a PT? Okay, let’s get it! But the most stumbling block is the cost, yes it is very expensive. You can’t deny it. What if you use expensive PT to make progress that can’t be converted into money? PT is never expensive. Yes, it’s worth the investment

Do you have to exercise, do you?

I’m the main character ^^*

There is a nickname that was called by children in school in 2022. PIG TEACHER. Yes, I was becoming a man with a belly so much that the students felt it. Shocking words I heard at a frequent badminton meeting. Does a warrior do skin makeup without exercising? I always thought it was cool when I looked at it myself, but I was getting smaller myself when I heard that. You’re about to turn 30. Wake up! Reiterate yourself. And I tapped it. Where? The gym.

PT… Register!

Along with the gym registration, I registered for PT. Health equipment is free of charge, and the PT price is 20 times*65,000 won, and a total of 1.3 million won is paid. Before I went, I first looked at what kind of teachers were around the gym close to my home, and I ran to the place where there were teachers with a lot of certificates of daily sports instructor and competition experience. The first teacher at the center said there was no more time to teach, but he said he would make time to go back, so he could start safely. I worked hard in class and diet for 20 times, but I was actually busy following the movements I was told to do rather than learn how to exercise. Nevertheless, even on days when there was no PT, I would visit the gym unconditionally and remind myself of the movements I learned last time. Also, I tried to keep my diet even though I was clumsy.

As a result, there was a change of muscle and body fat.Of course, didn’t you say that it’s important than the human body?Sometimes, it’s a word that you hear, “Do you exercise these days?”

What is the important thing after that?

After the PT 20th, I became extended to the same teacher.During the 20th inning, the time to make accurate acquisition and his posture.As a result of exercise, it was found to work, even if there is no longer completely about the law to exercise during the total 40 meetings, even if it is not completely.Currently, about 8 months, and development is continuously working alone, and development of the body continues to continue to continue.PT was time to know how much your body can improve, and finally spend time in my life.

Are you afraid of start?Let’s go to the gym right now! And let’s start!steadily! Then, change will find changes! Yongsa, nice!

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